Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Knitted Shorts

If you knit then you might as well knit for fun as well, ok so these shorts may not be every bodies idea of discreet but I love em!!!

These pink shorts are so comfortable and very quick and easy to knit up.

Stitches: knit 2, purl 2.

Needles: One pair #8 strait knitting needles, D3.25 crochet hook.

Gauge: 14 sts and 22 rows=4"

Finished size: S(M,L)

Hip size: 36(39,42)"

Length: 11 (12 , 13 ) "


Leave long tale of yarn at the beginning.

Cast on 54(58,62) sts. Knit 1 row in 2X2 rib pattern. At the second row increase 1 st at both ends 2X. 58(62,66) sts are on the needle. Knit 11 (12,13)". Bind off all sts. Make 2 pieces. Each piece is half Front and half Back.


The wrong side out, sew or crochet the crotch (the increased part of the shorts). Do the same with the other leg. Turn one leg right side out, and insert it into the first leg which is wrong side out. The right side of the legs will be facing each other. Match the two inside leg seams, and pin the crotch area for stitching to the waist. Do the same for the other seam, and stitch it from crotch to waist.

Crochet a rope for the waist. Pull the rope through every 2 sts, tie a bow in the front. Finish the ends of the rope with two wooden beads.


  1. these shorts are so cute. do you mind if i feature them and the pattern on my blog
    thank you from a fellow knitting addict

  2. Hello Juli
    Of course I don't mind, shall have to make a personal mental note to tuck away my belly next time I take a photo of me hahaha.

  3. doesn't look like you have much of a belly to tuck in im quite envious. Thank you so much for the pattern im excited to start something a bit different from hats and scarves.

  4. Let me know if you need any more patterns ı have quite a few, love your blog...

  5. when it says "knit 11" does that mean knit 11 rows or 11 stitches. thanks ;).

  6. Hello The Knit 11 = 11 rows :)

  7. Can you please explain how the two pieces fit together? You say the increased portion is where the crotch fits together but isn't most of the knitting increased? the 4 additional stitches are put on at the beginning. I'm not sure how to increase either. 2 stiches on row #3 then 2 stiches on row #4? - Thanks. Love the shorts but having a hard time.

  8. Hi Linda,
    I am working on your lovely knitted shorts pattern and am almost finished with the first piece. I'm reading the directions for assembly and confused on how the crotch is formed and how to sew them together. It says to sew the increased part - can you please clarify what you mean by this? I am confused as to how the legs are formed, but I think the shorts are very cute and would love to figure it out!

  9. Bare with me,I shall take a look at this pattern again,sosorry I have been rushed off my feet over the past few months, ı shall get back to you asap about this pattern..

  10. hello, could you knit shorts for me? like wool soaker (but for adult). Size M, but a bit larger because of the diaper....

  11. I adapted this pattern so after the legs are complete you just knit in the round. When you join the pieces you simply K2tog at the join for the first 2 rounds. Works perfectly.