Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Knitted bed blanket

This is how my knitting began, here in Turkey where I live it tends to get very cold in the Winter, I couldn't find a purple throw or blanket to match my bedroom, so the obvious answer was to make one. In the past I have always sewed, making numerous clothes for the kids, the problem here was I couldn't even find the right material. my friend suggested I knit one!! well there was a challenge set for the Winter months....

Five Months later and now getting very tired of seeing purple wool it was finished, we did get to use it for a few weeks before the Summer arrived, but at least this Winter we are going to be nice and warm.

Boris the bear that my grandma made me when I was six and his friend Venice bear also got matching new outfits, looking very dapper I am sure you'll agree ;D


  1. Great job on the purple blanket, matching pillows, and the bear sweaters!!

  2. Never thought it would ever get finished, seemed to go on and on and on...worth it though I think, thanks for your comment.