Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Alternative lace patterns

I think one of my favorite lace patterns must be (FF) Feather and Fan, looks like this:

Shall post another close up for you to see:

That's better, I used this pattern again on a vest top, as I live in a hot Country I tend not to put sleeves in, so here's me doing my best modelling pose in the top..

Feather and Fan (FF) [20 st rep]
*K1, [k2tog] 3 times, [yo, k1] 6 times, [k2tog] 3 times, k1* rep from * to *.

Top Lace Section
1: P across, working ribbing as est.
2: Rep FF patt, working ribbing as est.
3 and 4: Work ribbing as est and k all other sts.
Rep these four until top lace section measures 5 inches(12.7 cm), on the ribbing, ending with a row 4.
Next : BO 1 st, work 8 sts in rib, BO 82[82, 102] sts pwise, work 8 sts in ribbing, BO rem sts pwise.

Ribbing Pattern [Worked over 10 stitches]
P2, k2, p2, k2, p2.

Eyelet Ribbing [Worked over 10 stitches]
P2, ssk, yo, p2, yo, k2tog, p2.

Work both straps as follows: K3, p2, k3 until straps measure 10 ?Ó inches.
BO in rib patt.

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